4 Business Hacks to Take the Suck Out of Hiring

By Matthew King | Management and Operations

Sep 07
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The job search can be very stressful for the potential employee and the business leader. Often, the hiring process is a drag and leaves the business open to some major missteps. For instance, you can overlook someone who is an excellent fit for the company in favor of someone who makes things harder for you and your employees. In order to improve the hiring process, you can look at the process as a whole.

1. Change Your Attitude on What Hiring Means

Different companies have different needs when they begin the hiring process, but the mentality they bring into hiring should be the same. Whether it’s a new C-level manager to help direct the company in a new direction, or a rock-star salesperson to match the customer demand for your product, hiring a new employee means not only that your company is expanding, it means you are acquiring a set of experiences, knowledge, thoughts, hopes, and dreams for your company. With that passion and mental positivity, you can begin to look for a new employee that shares the same passion and attitude, if not for the product or service, than to be able to share their experiences and knowledge. While you can instill a passion for your business, the passion to be useful is invaluable.

2. Assess Your Potential Employee Before Hiring

While determining whether or not your potential employee is a good fit, you should use pre-employment assessments. You can find out how your employee does in both hard skills and soft skills. Among the ways you can assess them is by having them communicate what they know about your company. The benefits of using a pre-employment assessment range from a more efficient, less time-consuming on-boarding process to higher productivity. When the potential new hire’s passion, knowledge, and skills align with the company’s needs, you can be certain in your hiring choice.

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3. Look at Their Hobbies

The type of employee you want is an employee who dreams to work for your company or in the industry of your company. One thing you want is someone who has hobbies that are similar to the job position you are hiring for. You will more likely hire an employee who loves working for you.

4 Business Hacks to Take the Suck Out of Hiring 2

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4. Be Clear

From the very beginning, you want to make sure that everything is clear about the position you are hiring for, both for yourself and to ensure that you have the right people applying for the position. You don’t want to hire a new salesperson to realize you were looking for a new web developer. When you fully understand the role the new hire will be fulfilling, you can write the job description in detail of what you actually need. The job descriptions you list online and in wanted ads should be easy to understand with no room for confusion.

These steps go a long way towards making the hiring easier and finding the right employee. They help you get to know the applicant in a way that enables you to determine how well they fit in your company. One of the most important things to do is test their personality and attitudes to make sure that they add to the company culture.

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