3 Industries That Startups Are Changing for the Better

By Matthew King | Management and Operations

Mar 07
Startups Are Changing

Startups like Netflix and Uber are infamous for revolutionizing their industries. Today more than ever, new companies are leveraging creativity and technology to create ripple effects in the industry. Here are the three biggest ways that startups are changing up the business world.

Job Boards

It used to be that to find a job, potential hires had to wade through countless job postings, apply to each individually, then go through a long process of messages back and forth before a decision to be reached. There are new startups, however, seeking to change that model and make hiring easier for both the company and the employee. This coaching service explains that many specific industries like healthcare are changing their ways to find new employees and job hunters are looking for jobs in new ways. The importance of job boards is growing more in niche industries. Many business owners are now running meetups and health events to find new talent. Using artificial intelligence and big data, companies like HireTeamMate, ZipRecruiter, and Switch are getting better at matching new hires to jobs and companies that match their expertise, aspirations and values. This effectively streamlines the hiring process on both sides of the equation.

Industrial Safety

Safety is the top priority for any manufacturing company as it contributes to a positive workplace environment, helps with employee retention and reduces costs. These lawyers explain that maintaining high safety can be challenging as workplace injuries result from supervisors failing to take proper safety precautions. New startups aiming to help supervisors are keeping workers safe with smart technologies. Canaria is building monitoring devices that can notify employees when they should take breaks and a range of companies like MakuSafe are using the Internet of Things to monitor equipment for failure points or high-risk issues. The ability of these technologies to immediately alert the employees and supervisors of potential risks is sure to reduce accidents and workplace injuries.


The immense monetary and time cost of healthcare makes it a definite target for streamlining by new startups. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied to the healthcare industry and have found particular success in diagnostics. Freenome is working to develop technologies that can detect cancer through a blood sample. Arterys is developing a machine learning platform to analyze MRI scans and was recently granted FDA approval for their technology. This healthcare management software developer explains that there are several companies trying to disrupt the current healthcare industry. Developing software and tools that are helping healthcare professionals do more and be more effective. These innovations are not meant to replace doctors, but they will help accelerate the healthcare process and make medical diagnoses more accurate.

The coming years will definitely see significant changes in these three industries, and more, as young startups apply ingenuity to new technological advances to challenge common practices in the industry. The changes will only accelerate with time.

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