3 Attitudes to Look for in Your Next Hire

By Matthew King | Management and Operations

Apr 29
Your next hire

Making a hire is a big decision because it will impact the quality of your work environment, which can also affect your bottom line. But when you’re hiring, how do you know what qualities you should be looking for in a candidate? Depending on the position that you’re hiring for, you might be looking for particular attributes. But businesses should be looking at attitude, regardless of the position that they’re trying to fill, and these three attitudes are some of the top ones that you should be looking for in candidates the next time that you hire.


A sense of drive is one of the best types of attitudes that companies should be looking for in a candidate. Employees who can motivate themselves to learn new tasks, seek opportunities to better the work environment and the business, and stay productive throughout the workday are significant assets to the businesses that employ them. These types of people also have the potential to move up in the company and take on more significant roles. You can use a series of questions during the interview process to determine if the candidate has a sense of motivation.

Team Player

The desire to help those around you is an attitude, and if you want to build a productive business, employing team players should be at the top of your list. When co-workers are willing to help each other achieve goals, the entire company runs more smoothly. But if you have one or two people who are unwilling to bend on anything, you’ll get a team of people who spend their time working against each other. An interviewer can test for a team player attitude through careful questioning in the interview process. Businesses can also use an aptitude test to assess a person’s opinions on how to work with other people.

Sense of Loyalty and Commitment to the Job

Continually hiring new employees is expensive in multiple ways, so you need to look for candidates that have a sense of loyalty and want to keep commitments to others. One of the easiest ways to assess this quality is to look at their overall job record. People who tend to take on jobs with a sense of loyalty in mind will usually stay at a job for at least a couple of years. It’s okay if you have a candidate with one or two short-term positions in their past, but be wary of serial job-hoppers. You can also ask particular questions to assess whether or not a person will be loyal to the company.

Never underestimate the importance of attitude when you’re hiring for a position within your company. The right attitudes can enable your team and business to perform better, and the wrong attitudes will weigh everyone down.

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