3 Aggressive Ways to Accelerate Your Startup’s Growth

By Matthew King | Branding, Marketing and Advertising

Jan 31
startup growth

Getting a startup running at full speed takes knowledge and a lot of work. While only you and whoever else you have on your team can do the hard work, information is fairly easy to share. Whatever industry your business is in, there are a couple of key components that will get most startups off the ground.

Hire a Bigger Marketing Team

As a brand-new business, you might be watching how you spend your money. But getting your name out is one of the best investments that you can make in a new company. For instance, if you have a real estate business, you need to let people know that you can help them. What services do you offer? How can interested parties meet you? What makes you different from the competition. If you want to get your business going in the right direction, you need to market yourself. If you’re working in a specific community, get involved. You can sponsor a community event so that your name is on their marketing materials. You’ll also be able to go to the event and talk to other business owners and community members. There are many strategies that you can employ to let people know what you do. And there are many affordable online marketing tactics that you can take to get your business going.

Acquire a Second Location

If you have a storefront, at some point you might want to get a second location. By having two locations, you’re able to reach consumers in different areas of your city who might otherwise not be willing to drive across town, even if they like the products that you sell. Even if you don’t have a physical product that you sell if you want to get ahead of the competition, get a second physical location and begin ramping up your presence in your community. Finding the right commercial property can take time and effort, but making sure you know exactly what you’re looking for can reduce your expense. Quality commercial real estate may come with a hefty price tag, but if you plan it right, you can gain huge dividends through new customers and communities giving you patronage.

Connect With Other Businesses

You might wonder how you should handle the competition. You should actually stay friendly with them because you’re always going to do better if you can remain on good terms with other people. Connecting with other startups can actually create a great working relationship and help your businesses feel less alone in the market. And if you’ve done your job in distinguishing your products or services from the others, you’ll be able to send customers to your competition, and they’ll reciprocate. Although they’re competition, you each have slightly different products or services.

Getting a startup going takes a lot of work, but there are some tricks that can make the work easier. Always be professional and courteous, no matter who you’re talking to, and get the resources that you need to expand.

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